This changelog lists the new features, functionality, and updates added in each version release.

More on New Features? Please see the What’s new in m3ter blog for more detailed information on the value you can get from the new features in each release.

Version: December 2022

Console Updates

  • New Prepayment/Commitment details page accessed directly from Account>Prepayments tab. Includes Prepayment Fee details and Fee billing dates.

  • Added links to Plan, Plan Template, Meter, and Aggregation from the Pricing Edit form.

  • Added Custom Fields for Aggregations and Compound Aggregations.

  • Account Custom Fields sorted by key now displayed on Account Overview>Details card.

  • New switch in the Organization Configuration form to suppress generating bills when they are empty.

  • Added Code field in the Balances tab.

  • Added Currency Code to Account Details card.

  • Implemented inline Learning Center panel with direct links to documentation and context-sensitive Help call outs.

  • Added gift-box button for direct access to latest What's New blog.

  • New String manipulation functions available for calculations.

Resolved Issues

  • Fix: Billing spinners showing after job is complete.

  • Fix: Timezone related issues with bill dates when running billing, approving all bills or setting the lock date.

  • Fix: Long balances layout issue.

  • Fix: Destinations list data in External Mappings.

  • Fix: Restored account name to Account Details page.

  • Fix: Prevent long account names breaking layout.

  • Fix: Exclude archived currencies from the currency drop-down.

Version: November 2022

Product Updates

  • New Events and Notifications feature available in the API. Define and implement notifications that are triggered by system events in your m3ter Organization.

  • Automatically send outbound Bills from m3ter to Paddle with updated native Paddle integration.


  • Bill Management enhancements

    • Can now run bill jobs within an Account.

    • New Bill Job modal enabling billing of one or all bill frequencies based on bill date.

    • Can now view all bills within a period - m3ter will show you all the Bills from the 1st of the month to the current day.

    • Added ability to delete one or more pending bills.

    • Can now view running bill jobs in the Console.

  • Bills

    • New field invoiceRef added to Bills.

  • Accounts

    • Added account currency setting, which enables setting a different billing currency against an account. Optional field.

      • Allows Bill Jobs to be run from UI and use the account currency setting.

      • If left blank, the organization billing currency is used.

  • Organization

    • External Invoice date can now be set in the Console and via API (new field externalInvoiceDate). Use case is when recognizing usage revenue in the same period that it is consumed, rather than in the following month.

    • Days before bill due setting now available to enter the number of days after bill generation date that you want to show on bills as the due date.


  • New Currency pick list for use when defining the currency for an Organization, Account, Plan Template, Plan Group, Balance, or Prepayment/Commitment. Required currencies must first be defined at Organization level, which helps prevent billing errors due to mixed and undefined currencies being used.

    • Allows both standard world currencies to be used or user-defined custom currencies, such as "[Company Name] credits".

  • Bill Jobs now use the account currency as a default. If not set at the account level, the default Organization currency is used by the Bill Job.

  • Twelve new bill period variables now available for use in compound aggregation calculations giving tight control over the number of hours, days, or dates in a billing period.


Console Updates

  • Show option to select currencies on any screen that require a currency.

  • Added approve all bills modal - new pop-up that enables you to set the bill approval date for the selected bills.

  • New remove / unlink to child accounts list - easy access to remove child accounts from a billing hierarchy.

  • Bill line item rows now always show service periods.

  • Can now test notification rule calculations.

Resolved Issues

  • Fix: Consuming Balances for Bills fails at first attempt.

  • Fix: Incorrect units on parent breakdown line items.

  • Fix: Commitments / Prepayments error when trying to save prepayment after switching between billing options.

  • Fix: Bill item service period not reflecting account plan effective dates in some cases.

Version: October 2022

Product Updates

  • New Balances functionality that enables crediting accounts with positive or negative amounts.

  • New "native" integrations for NetSuite and Stripe, which allow the set up and configuration for controlling outbound Bills flow for these integrations to be performed directly in the Console.

  • New user defined custom billing schedule option for Prepayments/Commitments.

  • New math functions supported for use in Derived Field and Compound Aggregation calculations:

    • Math.floor()

    • Math.ceil()

    • Math.round()

    • Math.pow()

    • Math.abs()

  • Data Explorer: new "Overage Usage" and "Credit Memo" as line item types.

  • Ability to set up tiered overage pricing on Plans for when a Prepayment/Commitment has been consumed.

  • If Scheduled Billing is enabled for Organization, allow a 24 hour grace period beyond active Plan end date to include charges due for late-arriving usage data in Bills.

  • Added navigation links to access m3ter Support web ticketing system.

  • New Ad Hoc Bill line item type for ad hoc charges, such as for charges on Prepayments/Commitments that have a manual (custom) bill schedule.

Console Updates

  • Alerts modal size is reduced.

  • Improved UX for adding a default segment.

  • Pricing:

    • Added overage pricing bands to the Pricing form.

    • Added time controls for start and end date entries to the Pricing form.

    • Duplicate pricing is now possible when overriding from a Pricing template.

    • Pricing wizard now allows negative pricing.

  • For clarity and to remove doubt, the text "inclusive" (start date) and "exclusive" (end date) has been added to the configuration form Date field labels.

  • The Remove User button in User Settings now removes the Organization user.

  • The Scheduled Bill Interval options now include 15 minute and 30 minute interval options in addition to hourly interval options.

  • Added a Contract field to Prepayments and Account Plans.

  • New Balances tab on Account details page.

  • The Code field in the Plan creation form now has a user editable default Code value auto-generated.

Resolved Issues

  • Fix: Bill webhook not firing on approved bills.

  • Fix: Commitment form fee dates validation.

  • Fix: Prepayment bug when switching from old Prepayments to scheduled billing.

  • Fix: Resolved potential XSS problem in returnPath query parameter.

Version: September 2022

Product Updates

  • Initial Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) release:

    • Top-up balances for an account as many times as required.

    • Ability to draw down account balances via billing or manual adjustments.

    • Time-bound balances with the option of a grace period.

  • Improved billing hierarchies for parent/child account billing:

    • Bill a child account with pricing at the parent level.

    • Rollup child billing to the parent on a single bill item.

    • Create a Bill item per child account with price averaging.

  • Negative pricing and the ability to generate negative Bills:

    • Enables you to refund your customers for unused services.

  • Can now add Bill line item descriptions for Standing charges and Minimum spends.

  • Auto-approve Bills. Can now schedule automated Bill approval from 15 minutes to 10 days after Bill generation.

Console Updates

  • Pricing band range now visible on Bill items.

  • When creating a new entity and you enter a Name, a Code is auto-generated based on the Name.

  • Number field formatting now shows a thousands separator.

  • A last updated date was add to the to Alerts list modal.

  • Improved Data Explorer Query Builder form for easier filter selection.

  • Pricing Schedule can now be opened directly from pricing grid.

  • Historic/future pricing can now be shown in the pricing grid.

  • Better Pricing Schedule layout to suit smaller screens.

  • Ability to add start/end dates to all pricing.

  • Added Account Plan details to custom Plan details page, with a links to edit Plan. Same for Account Plan Group/custom Plan Group.

  • Accounts page 'Plans' tab renamed to 'Attached plans' to make clear the separation between Plan and Account Plan.

  • Added Duplicate button to Prepayments/Commitments list.

  • Added scheduled Bill interval setting to Org Config page for regular updating of Bills.

  • Added link from Bill details to Account.

  • Replaced Bill Period with Bill Date in several places.

  • Added search to popup entity selectors (for example, when picking an Aggregation from pricing grid).

  • When adding child accounts to a parent, a searchable Select Accounts modal is now shown.

  • Data Explorer usage data Query Builder now shows both Account name and code in selection list.

Resolved Issues

  • Fix: Update Org config form validation (issue with using 0 as the bill schedule).

  • Fix: Prepayments Data Explorer calculation bug.

  • Fix: Include global Aggregations in missing data check.

  • Fix: Re-open date pickers on the selected month.

  • Fix: Stop date pickers causing double scrollbars.

  • Fix: Correctly show active/inactive for plan template pricing on pricing schedule.

  • Fix: Pricing edit when using negative values for fixedPrice/unitPrice.

  • Fix: Account tabs not fitting on smaller screen widths.

  • Fix: Speed up Data Explorer by loading data batches in parallel.

  • Fix: Lists create button enabling/disabling (for example, when creating Compound Aggregations and you only have global Aggregations).