Use Cases

Data from other systems combined with data in m3ter, outputting spend data and exporting to other systems.

Billing operations

Usage-based pricing requires usage data to be brought together with account details and commercial terms, then bill amounts to be calculated and passed to the billing system.

Manual spreadsheet systems don’t cut it - they are time-consuming, error prone, don’t scale, and struggle with complexity or change.

m3ter enables automated, error-free billing for the most complex pricing schemas. Complete invoicing in hours rather than days.

Customer experience

In a usage-based world, pricing is part of the product experience.

Customers want to know how much they’re spending and how their usage drives that spend. They want to check their running totals mid-month, and see forecasts of their next bill so they don’t get nasty surprises.

m3ter enables ad hoc, near real time querying of usage and billing data for each customer, delivered via API to allow easy integration into your product.

CRM data integrated with m3ter’s billing dashboard.

Sales & Success performance

m3ter provides usage and spend data for every customer, with alerts where these approach thresholds, allowing your teams to focus on the right customers at the right time with the right information.

Sales and customer success tools integrated with m3ter

Business intelligence

Leaders need easy access to key metrics so they can understand the health of their business at a glance.

In a usage-based world, these metrics need to include product usage, and show how that converts to monetization, costs, and margin.

m3ter provides executive dashboards optimised for usage-based pricing, at an aggregate and customer cohort level, in near real time.

BI tools integrated with m3ter

Pricing optimization

Pricing is key to capturing your true value. Most software companies would improve results if they could identify pricing improvements with confidence.

For usage-based companies, powerful clues lie in their usage data.

M3ter’s pricing optimization tools help identify pricing optimizations at a product catalog and individual customer level, by exploring patterns in historic usage data and applying potential new pricing to it.

A cycle of pricing optimization within m3ter

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