Support Terms (October 2022)

Last updated October 24, 2022

This document describes the support provided as part of the m3ter Services. m3ter Support will provide Customer support included as part of the offering as set out below or on the terms set out in the applicable Customer Order Forms if those take precedence.

Provision of m3ter Support for the m3ter Services as described below is subject to the Terms of Service and our Privacy Notice. The m3ter Support Terms are deemed to form part of the Documentation (found at, as construed in accordance with the Terms of Service) and may be updated by m3ter from time to time.

m3ter Support Features

Service Hours24x7x365 for Severity 1 support requests. Technical Support Hours for other support requests
Technical Support Hours10AM to 6PM Central European Time (CET), Monday to Friday except selected public holidays
Web ChannelRaise, check and update support requests via the web
Slack ChannelContact m3ter Support over your dedicated Slack channel
Phone ChannelHelpdesk number to raise and manage support requests
DocumentationUser Guides, Technical Manuals and full API Documentation for the m3ter Service
Technical Account ManagementShared access to a m3ter Technical Account Manager
Design, Implementation, Integration & Onboarding SupportHelp from m3ter Support with your implementation and integrations

Note: currently the same m3ter Support Plan is included with Standard and Pro Product Tiers unless otherwise stated in the relevant Customer Order Form. Higher levels of support are available upon request, potentially subject to additional Fees, and will be reflected in the relevant Customer Order Form for individual Customers.

Support Request Classification and Severity Levels

ClassificationSeverityResponse TimesExample and detail
Severity 1 - UrgentCritical business impact1 hour - 24x7x365A critical issue that severely impacts the Customer's use of the service for production purposes; and / or confidentiality or privacy is breached. m3ter will use continuous efforts until the issue is resolved.
Severity 2 - High PriorityMajor business impact4 hours (Technical Support Hours)An issue where the Customer’s use of the service for production purposes is functioning but either intermittently or in a reduced capacity; and / or core functions are impacted. m3ter will use continuous efforts during Technical Support Hours until resolution.
Severity 3 - Normal PriorityMinor business impact1 Business Day (Technical Support Hours)A minor inconvenience to customers, where a workaround is available; or a usable performance degradation. m3ter will use reasonable efforts during Technical Support hours until resolution.

Note: additionally, m3ter Support accepts general product questions, reports of non-service affecting defects, support requests not covered by the above classification, or requests for general guidance that may improve the customer experience but do not impact overall system function.

Support Workflow and Escalation Sequence

ItemAction TakenLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Step 1 - First LineReceives and routes support requests or responds to monitoring alarms.24x7x365 availability24x7x365 availability24x7x365 availability
Step 2 - Second Linem3ter Support and / or Customer Success - resolution team starts working on incidents, issues and questions.24x7x365 availabilityDefault resolvers during Technical Support HoursDefault resolvers during Technical Support Hours
Step 3 - Engineeringm3ter Engineering - resolution team starts working on incidents or issues.Default resolvers 24x7x365Escalated to during Technical Support HoursEscalated to during Technical Support Hours
Step 4 - LeadershipEscalation to m3ter Leadership.Escalated to 24x7x365Escalated to during Technical Support HoursEscalated to during Technical Support Hours

Contacting m3ter Support

Contact m3ter Support by submitting a support request using the channels available to you as set out above using the during your onboarding process (depending on your m3ter Support entitlement).

You can report an incident, request technical support, ask billing or account questions, submit general feature requests and log defects. Please provide as much information as possible when you raise a support request, including as many of the following details that apply as you can:

Organisation IDThe relevant Organisation ID, which you can get from the URL when you access the m³ter console.
Organization TypeWhether this is a Production, Non-Production or Sandbox m3ter Organization
Issue ImpactFor service issues, the impact it is having on your operations.
Account IDThe relevant End-Customer Account ID (if the issue relates to a specific End-Customer).
User IDIf this is a service issue, the User ID of the logged in user at time of issue; otherwise the most relevant User ID in relation to the request.
Start TimeIf an issue has occurred, when did you notice it start?
Interaction TypeWere you using the console, API, etc?
Service FunctionIf the issue is with the m³ter service, which part of the service were you using? (Ingest, Billing & Rating, Analytics, etc)
DescriptionWhat were you trying to accomplish? As much detail as you can provide regarding what the support request is about.
Replication StepsIf this is a service issue - please describe the exact steps you followed.
Expected and Actual ResponsesIf this is a service issue - what did you expect to happen and what did happen?
Additional informationScreenshots or other files such as logs if appropriate.

How m3ter Support accesses your Organisation & Customer Data in our systems

m3ter will only access your Organization and Customer Data in order to onboard and setup your Service and to provide support to you pursuant to any relevant support request, Professional Services SOW, or platform alert as required. m3ter shall comply with the terms of the Agreement, including the Data Processing Agreement, in respect of any such access to your Organization and/or Customer Data.

Supported Versions and End-of-Life

The m3ter Service platform officially supported is defined in the Documentation available at, more specifically, the API Documentation. In the event that m³ter deprecates specific material features or capabilities of the Service then m³ter shall provide Customers with no less than three months’ advance notice in writing of such plan and shall support such feature or capability for a minimum period of fifteen months from the date of such notice.