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m3ter helps software companies deploy usage-based pricing (UBP) for their products and services. UBP is a consumption-based pricing model where customers pay for what they use. Software service companies worldwide now see UBP as a way to accelerate revenue growth and increase revenue retention.

m3ter's data-first solution offers a robust and reliable data collection and management infrastructure, which allows you to quickly set up metered usage data collection schemas for customer consumption of your products and services. From there, it's a small step to implement usage-based rating and pricing against those products and services.

To further improve your operational efficiencies, m3ter seamlessly integrates with your current quote-to-cash technology stack. It also features a versatile and customizable billing engine for streamlined billing automation and management. Additionally, usage and spending data can be integrated into other analytical and business systems, supporting overall operational workflows.

The m3ter platform consists of three core components:

  • A Metering Engine. Ingests fine-grained usage data at scale, then cleans, transforms, and persists that data in a form ready for use in common operational use cases.

  • A Rating Engine. Aggregates data, configures pricing of any complexity, and automatically computes bill amounts.

  • An Analytics Engine. A Data Explorer lets you query and review your data selectively to understand and respond appropriately to usage, cost, and revenue signals. Customer Insight and Pricing Optimizer intelligence tools provide actionable insights to drive sales productivity, increase business observability, and improve pricing design.

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