The metering & pricing engine for SaaS

Our data infrastructure solution helps software companies deploy and manage usage-based pricing. Instrument your business to eliminate billing operations pain, and price and sell better.

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What we do


Data infrastructure to ingest, transform, and store usage and cost data at scale.


Configure pricing of any complexity, aggregate data, and calculate bill amounts in real time.


Deliver usage, cost, and spend data wherever it is needed throughout the stack.

Straightforward implementation

Integrates with existing systems

m3ter is a ‘drop in’ platform with smart integrations to existing tooling that make them work as needed for usage-based pricing.

Designed for developers

An API-first service with scripting and ‘pricing as code’ that enables the developer to deliver high levels of automation.

Built for scale

m3ter is a managed cloud service that meets the standards for security and operational excellence required by major enterprises.

A data-first solution

New capabilities required

Usage-based pricing requires new capabilities in billing operations, product experience, Sales and Success tooling, and reporting and analytics.

Data is core

All these capabilities depend on usage, cost, and spend data. You need infrastructure to ingest, store, and deliver it where needed, in real time.

Closing the loop

Pricing is a powerful lever to improve results and the data shows how. Changes can be implemented with a click via m3ter’s rating engine.

Why m3ter?

Automation and intelligence throughout your stack

Painless billing operations

Eliminate spreadsheets, automatically calculate bills, close the books fast.

Improved customer experience

Provide customers with rich information about their usage and spend, on demand.

Increased Sales & Success productivity

Enable informed, timely customer conversations by placing data at their fingertips.

Better business insights

Explore usage, revenue, and profit performance, and forecast potential outcomes.

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