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Automate your usage-based billing

m3ter helps B2B software scale-ups manage complex pricing by automating bill calculation and sending the results to downstream systems, so you can shorten billing cycles, eliminate revenue loss and unblock product innovation.

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Your challenges

Complex pricing making billing difficult?

You’re trying to calculate complex bills in a spreadsheet, homegrown tool, or other solution that can’t handle complexity or updates, and won’t scale.

You need your engineers to find, extract, and combine usage data every time you want to calculate bills.

Maintaining up-to-date pricing for each customer and manually inputting calculations into your billing systems is challenging and tedious.

Pricing changes are grueling to implement, you’re not capturing all the usage you should be charging for, and you don’t have visibility into revenue status mid-cycle.


One of the best decisions we ever made. m3ter allowed us to focus on our customers and strategy, not implementation of a billing solution.

Tanya Bragin
Tanya Bragin
VP Product, ClickHouse
Our solution

m3ter makes it easy to generate accurate bills you and your customers can trust

Process high volumes of usage data

m3ter handles high-volume, high-velocity usage data so your engineers don’t have to. Send us your raw usage data and we’ll do the heavy lifting to get it ready for billing your customers.

Connect all your existing systems

Connect m3ter to your finance systems, CRM, and product with our native integrations and APIs. Data flows will be automated and the data used for bill calculations always synchronized and up to date.


Easily manage your complex pricing

Pull all your complex pricing and billing configuration into m3ter, seamlessly update it as your pricing and packaging evolves, and automatically calculate bills you can trust.

Configuring different pricing types in m3ter

Get the support and expertise you need

We have extensive experience with big billing and pricing projects. Our team of experts is here to help so you can confidently lead the change at your company.

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See what our customers say about us

Learn about the innovative companies who are succeeding with m3ter.

ClickHouse went to market 3x faster with their new cloud database by implementing a billing system in just two months with m3ter.

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From our first demo, it seemed like every question we asked, the answer was ‘Yes, you can do that.’ It quickly became clear that we could easily configure the system to do what we want it to do.

Tanya Bragin
Tanya Bragin
VP Product, ClickHouse

Built to equip every team around pricing and billing

Finance & Billing Operations

Streamline your billing process with m3ter. Eliminate errors, automate routine billing tasks, and uncover real-time revenue insights.

Finance & Billing Operations overview


Our engineers built the leading usage-based billing system so you don’t have to. Configure m3ter to run billing exactly how you want. Integrate with your existing systems. Automate the repetitive billing tasks you’ve been bogged down with.

Engineering overview


Free your engineers from the complexities of building a billing system, while seamlessly launching new features, products, or packaging.

Product leaders overview

Sales & Customer Success

Gain visibility into customer usage data, remove Billing Operations as an obstacle to custom pricing, and retain customers for the long term by building a trusted relationship through data-driven conversations.

Sales & Customer Success overview

What m3ter is

Ready to transform your billing? Dive deeper into how m3ter can optimize your pricing strategy, accelerate your billing cycles, and drive product innovation. Discover the solution that scales with you.

About the product