pricing, and analytics for SaaS

Our pricing infrastructure and analytics solutions power any variation of usage-based pricing and ‘drop in’ to the existing stack. We help software companies capture their true value by pricing and selling better.

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What we do


Ingest, transform and store raw usage & cost data at scale.


Aggregate usage data, apply complex business logic, and calculate charge items in real time.

Data & Analytics

Deliver usage, spend, & cost data where needed throughout the stack, plus analytics tools for key use cases.

Drops into your existing stack

m3ter connecting to your platform, sales CRM & CPQ, finance stack, reporting & analytics stack and public cloud

Native integrations

Pre-built bi-directional connectors to leading quote-to-cash tooling, including integration management for non-technical users.

Delighting engineers

An API-first service enabling deployment flexibility and high levels of automation.

Built for enterprises

A managed cloud service meeting the standards for scale, security, and operational excellence demanded by major companies.

Future-proofing your business

Deploying usage-based pricing requires new operational and go-to-market capabilities.

Pain is experienced sequentially - once one challenge is addressed, a new priority emerges.

m3ter is designed to support this entire hierarchy of needs, leveraging your usage and cost data.

Pyramid with pricing design at the top then forecasting, business intelligence, data freedom, with billing operations at the bottom

Why m3ter?

Automation and intelligence throughout your stack

Painless billing operations

Eliminate spreadsheets, automatically calculate bills, close the books fast.

Pricing agility

Give Sales freedom to design the right custom pricing to drive growth and improve margins.

Customer experience

Provide usage and spend data on demand, and initiate conversations at the right time.

Better data tools

Query and validate bills easily, and explore usage, revenue, and margin performance.

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