Usage Data: Meters

You can create and configure Meters in m3ter to collect your end customer usage data. When you have set up Meters, you can define Aggregations of that usage data to give the pricing metrics you want to use to price Plans for your Products. (See Pricing Metrics: Aggregations for more details.) This allows you to introduce usage-based pricing and billing for your Products.

For production environments, your data-collection requirements are unlikely to stop short with the data measures you'll use to support usage-based pricing of your products and services, but extend to collecting other data on costings and customer activity. These collected data can then be fed into analytical tools to yield valuable insights into business performance and management over time.

This section reviews the configuration options available for Meters and explains how to create them:

Important! Feeding Usage Data into m3ter? When you have set up your Meters and their data-collection fields, you'll need to submit your customer usage data to support your production environment. See Submitting Usage Data.

Tip: Reviewing Usage Data? You can query for usage data and review the returned data using the Data Explorer. See Performing Usage Queries and Reviewing Results.

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