The m3ter platform supports two authentication methods:

  • Username/Password authentication. This method is used for log in to the m3ter Console.

  • Service authentication using a Bearer Token for API calls. This method is used for programmatic access via API calls.

The two authentication methods correspond to two types of user recognized in the platform:

  • Users represent the people you want to grant access to your Organization in m3ter. A User will typically use Username/Password login credentials to authenticate and gain access to the Console.

  • Service Users represent the automated processes you want to grant access to your Organization. Service Users will use service authentication to gain access to the m3ter platform.

Tip: More on User Types? For more details on the types of user supported in m3ter, see Managing your Users.

To support these two authentication methods for different types of user, we maintain two authorization flows:

  • An Authorization Code flow, which controls access for Users.

  • A Client Credentials flow, which controls API access for Service Users.

Tip: More Details on Auth Flows? For more details see the API Reference Docs Authentication page.

This section explains how to authenticate with the m3ter platform using either of the authentication flows:

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