Organization and Access Management

In the Settings section, you can manage your Organization and the Users who will have access.

To manage your Organization you can:

  • View your Organization details.

  • Edit your configuration to define Organization-wide settings for currency and currency conversions, timezone, and epoch dates for billing.

  • Enable auto-approval and scheduling for billing.

  • Create Credit Reasons to use when you add credit line items to Bills.

  • Create Debit Reasons to use when you add debit line items to Bills.

  • Add and edit Custom Fields.

To manage access to your Organization, you can:

  • View and edit Users.

  • Create and configure Service Users.

  • Create and manage Permission Policies for controlling User access to your Organization.

  • Create User Groups, apply Permission Policies to them. When you assign individual Users to a User Group, those Users have the Group permissions applied to them.

  • Invite Users to join your Organization.

  • Make a request to grant m3ter Support access to your Organization.

This section explains how to manage your Organization and how to control User access to your Organization:

Additional Support

Login to the Support portal for additional help and to send questions to our Support team.