User/Password Authentication

When you have registered for an account with the m3ter platform, you will receive login credentials with a temporary password from m3ter Support, together with a URL for the m3ter environment. You can use these login credentials to log in to the m3ter Console.

To authenticate with the platform:

1. Open your browser and enter the URL for the m3ter environment. The m3ter Sign in to your account appears:

2. Enter your m3ter Email Address and Password login credentials:

  • If your account has been set up for access to a single Organization, you are taken directly to the m3ter Console Dashboard for the Organization.

  • If your account had been set up for access to more than one Organization, a Select Organization page opens. Select the Organization you want to access. The meter Console Dashboard for the selected Organization opens.

  • Note that after your first log in, you'll be asked to change your temporary password.

Tip: Using Single Sign-On (SSO)? If your Organization has been set up to allow you to use SSO with a federated identity, you can use your corporate ID to authenticate with and sign in instead. On the m3ter Sign in to your account select Single Sign-On (SSO) instead. See m3ter Single Sign-On.

Tip: Didn't Attempt Log In Within 30 Days? When you receive your temporary password for Console log in, you have 30 days to make your first log in. If you go beyond this grace period, your temporary password will expire and you will not be able to log in, so please contact your Organization Administrator who will be able to issue you with a new temporary password.

Important! When you log in to the m3ter platform for the first time, please review our Terms of Service straightaway to ensure you accept them. To review these terms, click the Documentation link at the bottom of the Console's main navigation, and then select Legal.

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Additional Support

Login to the Support portal for additional help and to send questions to our Support team.