Submitting Usage Data

Usage data sits at the heart of any robust and reliable usage-based pricing implementation. As an explicitly data-first solution, m3ter offers several ways for you to quickly and easily get your usage data into the platform:

Usage Data Adjustments

There might be occasions where you need to make corrections for billing retrospectively against an Account. You can use the timestamp field for a usage data submission and submit positive or negative usage data amounts to correct and reconcile earlier billing anomalies:

Usage Data for Non-Existent Accounts

If you need to get product usage data into the platform before you've set up all of your end-customer Accounts, you can use an Account code to submit a usage data measurement even if the Account doesn't yet exist. A skeleton Account is created automatically using the code, and the usage data measurement is then linked to the skeleton Account.

Usage Data Ingest Failure Events

Usage data ingest can fail for several reasons. When an attempt to ingest usage data measurements into the platform encounters an error, an ingest validation failure Event is generated. You can review and follow-up on ingest failure Events and resolve any issues:

Tip: Reviewing Submitted Usage Data? You can query for and review submitted usage data using the Data Explorer. See Performing Usage Queries and Reviewing Results for more details.

Additional Support

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