Exporting Query Results

When you have built a query for your Usage, Billing, or Prepayments data in m3ter, you can export the data returned for the query as a .csv file. This topic explains how to export your query results data.

Note: The following procedure explains how to export Usage data query results. You can follow the same steps to export your Billing or Prepayments query results.

To export query results:

1. Select Data Explorer. The Data Explorer opens with the Usage tab selected.

2. In the Query Builder, configure a query, perform the query, and review the returned data in the Data Table tab.

3. On the Data Table tab, select Export. A popup appears.

4. On the popup, select Download file. The returned data set is compiled in .csv formatted file, downloaded, and saved locally to your Downloads folder.

Warning: Number of Rows for Export! If you download query results in a .csv formatted file, the number of rows is limited to 20001.

Tip: Exporting Prepayments Query Data? If you're exporting Prepayments query data, the Export button is on the Prepayments - Table tab.

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