m3ter Integrations

By exploiting the m3ter open-API framework, you can use m3ter Integrations to quickly map and synchronize data held in any 3rd-party systems you use for core business operations, such as sales, pricing, billing and invoicing, and general finance. You can then leverage this data synchronization between m3ter and your other systems to implement a wide range of use cases to serve your wider business operational requirements.

A typical core Integration combines three data flows into a seamless data exchange and synchronization pipeline for end customer sales/subscriptions/usage through to usage-based billing and invoicing in your 3rd-party system:

  • End customer account and subscription/order/sales details from 3rd-party system into m3ter.

  • End customer usage data and events ingest into m3ter to support usage-based product pricing.

  • From m3ter billing items out to 3rd-party invoicing and payments.

This section covers in a generalized way, custom Integrations with 3rd-party systems and services in m3ter. Please select the Integration you are interested in for more details:

Other Integrations? Integrations with 3rd-party systems are not limited to the systems listed here. If you want to implement an integration in m3ter with another 3rd-party system, please contact m3ter Support to discuss.

Tip: Salesforce Integration? The m3ter Connector for Salesforce is available as an initial release version. Please see the m3ter Connector for Salesforce section for more details.

Native Integrations

In contrast to customized integrations, a native integration in m3ter is one you can set up yourself directly, on a self-serve basis, in the Console. Currently, you can create full integration configurations for sending Bills generated in m3ter outbound to five 3rd-party systems:

  • Stripe

  • NetSuite

  • Paddle

  • Chargebee

  • Quickbooks

  • Xero

When you've completed the set up and created a native integration, you can start to use it immediately. For more details on how to set up native integrations, see Setting Up and Managing Native and Notification Integrations.

Paddle Integration? If you are interested in setting up an integration in m3ter with your Paddle system, please contact m3ter Support to discuss.

Tip: External Mappings for Integrations? When you integrate your 3rd-party systems with the m3ter platform, 3rd-party entities and fields are mapped to m3ter entities and fields. External Mappings are created as mapping reference lookups for which objects and fields have been mapped across systems. You can review these on the External Mappings page under Integrations where they are listed. For details, see Creating and Managing External Mappings.

Additional Support

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