Checking Sync Logs and Troubleshooting

The m3ter Connector builds Sync Logs as you perform sync actions from your Salesforce org. You can open and view the details of your SyncLogs, which includes the details of the API calls made to the m3ter platform as part of the sync action process. If any issues have occurred with a sync action, having access to this information can be very helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

To check Sync Logs:

1. In the Apps menu, search for and select Syn Logs:

  • The SyncLogs page opens for Recently Viewed.

2. Use the drop-down to switch to All:

3. Select the SyncLog link. The Synclog opens with the Details tab showing.

4. Select the Related tab:

  • SubmitSnapshots for sync actions are listed.

5. Select a SubmitSnapshot to view details:

  • You can read-off details of the SubmitSnapshot, including the JSON for the API call.

Additional Support

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