Duplicating Priced Plans and Plan Templates

There might be cases where you have set up a priced Plan for charging customers for one of your Products and you then require a priced Plan for a new and similar Product. If the pricing structure you need for charging for this new Product is largely similar to your first priced Plan, in the Pricing Editor you can quickly duplicate the first Plan and then edit the duplicate to achieve the exact pricing needed for your new Product.

This topic explains how to duplicate priced Plans or Plan Templates.

Note: Duplicating Plan Templates? In the Pricing Editor, you can add and duplicate a Plan Template you've priced up in the same way as you can duplicate a priced Plan.

To duplicate a priced Plan:

1. Select Pricing>Pricing Editor. The Pricing page opens.

2. Select Add plans. A Select Plans popup appears.

3. Select the Plan - or Plans - you want to duplicate and select Confirm. You are returned to the Pricing page where the selected Plan is shown.

4. Select Duplicate. A Duplicate plan popup appears and shows the Code and Name of the Plan you're duplicating.

5. Enter the Code and Name you want for the new duplicate Plan. You can use the same Name for the new duplicate Plan but you must use a new unique Code - you will receive an error if you try to duplicate a Plan using the same Code as an existing Plan.

6. Select Duplicate plan. The popup closes and you are returned to the Pricing Editor where the new duplicate Plan is shown alongside the original. The new duplicate Plan inherits the pricing structure of the original and you can now edit the pricing of the duplicate as required. See Managing and Editing Priced Plans and Plan Templates.

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