Reviewing and Recalculating Bills for an Account

If Bills have been produced for an Account, you can:

  • Review them in the Account page and open full bill details for a particular bill.

  • Recalculate selected bills.

To review and recalculate Bills for an Account:

1. Select Accounts. The Accounts page opens.

2. Select the Name text of the Account. The Account page opens with the Overview tab selected. The Latest bills panel lists the most recent bills created for the Account. You can:

  • Select the REFERENCE text of a bill to open the Bill Management page and review full bill details.

  • Select View all to go directly to the Bills tab and view a full list of Account bills.

3. Alternatively, select the Bills tab. All bills created for the Account are listed in the Bills panel and the following details are shown for each bill:





3. If you want to check more details of a particular bill, select its REFERENCE text. The Bill Management page for the selected Bill opens and you can review full Bill details.

Tip: Bill Management? For more on Bill details and working in Bill Management, see Running, Viewing, and Managing Bills.

4. If you want to recalculate a single bill or collection of bills from the list, use the checkboxes to select them and then select Recalculate selected.

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