Bill Line Item Types

This topic lists Bill line item types in m3ter and explains what each type means and what each type is used for. The term used in the API response schema is given together with the term used to denote the same type when Bills are viewed in the Console.

API Line Item TypeConsole Line Item TypeUsed to Show
STANDING_CHARGEStanding chargeA fixed amount charge that is billed on a recurring basis.
USAGEUsageMetered consumption based on usage (debit).
USAGE_CREDITUsage CreditMetered consumption based on usage (credit).
MINIMUM_SPENDMinimum spendRecurring minimum charge (debit).
MINIMUM_SPEND_REFUNDMinimum spend adjustmentUsed for cases where minimum spend is charged in advance. If advance minimum spend charge is $1000 per billing period and actual usage consumed charge due in a billing period amounts to $800, then $200 is refunded under this line item type.
CREDIT_MEMOCredit memoReferenced or ad hoc credit memo item.
COMMITMENT_CONSUMEDPrepayment consumedPrepayment/Commitment draw down amount.
COMMITMENT_FEEPrepayment feeWhen m3ter bills the prepayment/commitment, this is the charge, either upfront, recurring, or according to a custom schedule.
OVERAGE_SURCHARGEOverage surchargeFor Prepayments/Commitments when using overage surcharge percentage.
OVERAGE_USAGEOverage usageFor Prepayments/Commitments where “overage pricing” has been configured on the plan.
BALANCE_CONSUMEDBalance consumedBalance draw down amount.
DEBIT_MEMODebit memoReferenced or ad hoc debit memo item.
CREDIT_DEDUCTIONCredit deductionUsed for amounts deducted from credit amounts.
MANUAL_ADJUSTMENTManual adjustmentReferences an amount - positive or negative - used to make manual adjustment to Bill.

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