m3ter Console

When you first log in to the m3ter Console, the Dashboard opens:

From the Dashboard, you can:

  • Use the Getting Started panel to quickly create a Product, Meter, and Aggregation, and go on to set up Plans and Pricing. When you've done this, the panel will disappear from your Dashboard. For more details, see Quick Start.

  • Review Alerts for your Organization. Select View All to open the main Alerts page. For more details, see Viewing and Managing Alerts.

  • Check out any new m3ter features that are highlighted. For example, if you want to look further into setting up Compound Aggregations, select Get started.

  • Switch to use Light/Dark mode:

  • Open a Running Tasks panel, which allows you to track the progress of any tasks, such a billing runs:

  • Check out What's New in the Product:

The m3ter Console is broken down into sections designed to support and optimize your configuration workflows when setting up for usage-based pricing and metered-billing:

  • Settings. Configure your Organization in m3ter. Create and manage Users for the people you want to grant access. Create and manage Service Users for the automated processes that you want grant access.

  • Products. Create and configure Products to represent the products and services you offer to your customers.

  • Usage. Create Meters and Aggregations to collect usage data and aggregate the data into specific usage measurements to use when pricing your Product Plans.

  • Pricing. Set up Plan Templates and Plans to control billing operations and to apply pricing structures to your Products. In the Pricing Editor, add Aggregations to configure the precise usage-based pricing for your Plans.

  • Accounts. Create Accounts for end customers who purchase your Products. Attach one or more usage-based pricing Plans to an Account for each of the Products an end customer consumes.

  • Integrations. Set up native integrations directly in the Console.

  • Billing. Run, view, and manage the Bills generated for your customer Accounts.

  • Analytics. Use the Data Explorer to query the Usage, Billing, and Commitments data collected for your Organization in the m3ter system. Review and analyze the data returned for your queries in various formats, including Data Tables or Pivot Tables.

Inline Help links are also available for seeking direct guidance and help while working in Console:

  • At top-left on main pages throughout the Console, you can click a Help button:

This opens a Learning Center panel which gives you a brief explanation of what you can do on the page and provides direct links out relevant topics in the main user documentation:

  • Also available as you work in the Console are Tooltips which open panels giving immediate guidance on particular features and configuration fields:

At the bottom of the main navigation, you'll find some other useful links:

  • Documentation. Quickly access our comprehensive User and API Reference documentation.

  • Support. Open the login page for our web ticketing Support portal.

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