Viewing and Managing Permission Policies

At Settings>Access in the Console, you can view and manage Permission Policies created for you Organization.

Tip: Understanding Permission Policies? For details on the m3ter Permission Policies framework and how to create the custom Permission Policies you need, please review the Understanding, Creating, and Managing Permission Policies topic.

To view and manage Permissions Policies in your Organization:

1. Select Settings>Access. The Users page opens.

2. Select the Permission Policies tab. Any existing Managed or Custom Permission Policies are listed:

From the listing, you can read off:

  • The TYPE of Permission Policy - either Managed or Custom.

  • The number of STATEMENTS configured for a Permission Policy, which control what a User assigned the Policy can and cannot do in your Organization.

3. If you want to view the details of a Permission Policy, select the NAME text hotlink. The Permission Policy Details page opens:

In this example, the details of a CUSTOM Permission Policy reveal that it has been set up using nine Statements and we can read-off what each of the Statements allows or denies a User assigned the Policy to do.

4. If you want to edit a Permission Policy, from the Permission Policies listing select the Edit icon:

5. Make your editing changes and select Update Permission Policy.

Tip: Working with Permission Policies? See the Understanding, Creating, and Managing Permission Policies for details on how to create and update Permission Policies.

6. If you want to delete a Permission Policy, select the Delete icon:

A confirmation dialog appears.

7. Select Yes to continue and delete the Permission Policy.

Note: Editing or deleting Managed Permission Policies? Managed Permission Policies are system generated and you cannot edit or delete them.

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