Granting m3ter Support Access to Organization

You can grant m3ter Support time-bound access to your Organization. If you've made a Support request concerning an issue you've encountered in your Organization, you'll likely want to do this and allow Support to help you in resolving the issue.

Note: Support Terms? When you grant m3ter Support access to your Organization, their activity in your Organization will be conducted fully in accordance with our Support Terms.

To grant m3ter Support access to Organization:

1. Select Settings>Access. The Access page opens with the Users tab selected.

2. Select the Support Access tab.

3. On the Support Access Details panel, select Grant support access. The page adjusts.

4. For Support access end date, use the calendar pop-up to select the date on which you want support access to end.

5. Use the Permission Policies drop-down list to select the Permission Policies you want to apply for support users when they access your Organization.

  • By default, the Administrator managed Permission Policy is selected.

6. Select Update Support Access. You are returned to the Support Access tab and the Support Access Details panel and Permission Policies panel now shows the updated Support access:

In this example:

  • Support access will end at midnight on August 30th, 2023.

  • Support has been granted Administrator access until that point in time.

7. If you want update the Support access you've granted - if the issue you made a request to Support about is now resolved and you want to close-off access, you can:

  • Reset the Support access end date to tomorrow's date and select Update support access to end access as soon as possible. Note that when you grant Support access, it must be for at least the remainder of the current day.

  • Under Permission Policies, delete any Permission Policies you've added for the access.

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Additional Support

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