Creating Credit Reasons

You can create Credit Reasons for your Organization, which you can then use when you want to add a credit for an existing bill line item or apply a product credit.

To create a Credit Reason for your Organization:

1. Select Settings>Organization. The Organization page opens with the Overview tab selected.

2. Select the Credit Reasons tab. Any existing Credit Reasons are listed.

3. Select Create Credit Reason. The Create page opens.

4. Under Credit Reason Details, enter a Name and Code.

  • Archived switch? See tip below on this option.

5. Select Create. You are returned to the Credit Reasons tab where the new Credit Reason is listed and will now be available for adding credit line items to bills or applying product credits. See Adding Credit Line Items to Bills.

Tip: Credit Reason is now obsolete? You can edit a Credit Reason and use the switch to Archive it. If you archive a Credit Reason, it will not be available for adding credit line items to bills.

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