How m3ter works

Your flexible usage-based billing platform

m3ter helps you manage complex pricing by calculating error-free bills and sending them to systems across your business.

Integrate your quote-to-cash stack

Seamlessly connect m3ter to all your existing systems - your product, quoting and pricing management, CRM, ERP, and invoicing tools - to automatically generate error-free bills.


m3ter was instrumental in helping us ship a product in record time, by taking care of usage-based metering and billing implementation.

Daniel Karni
Engineering Manager, ClickHouse

Send product usage data

Your customers’ product usage data is a key input to creating an accurate bill.

m3ter processes high volumes of usage events ingested directly via our integrations or easy-to-use APIs, all without the need for complex data transformation or pre-aggregation.

Individual usage events are retained within m3ter so you can fix a bill, update pricing, or run analytics without having to re-ingest the data.

Apply any pricing to your customers’ usage

Configuring different pricing types in m3ter

Import pricing from your existing source of truth and m3ter will combine it with your product usage and account data.

Whether you’re combining models or pure usage-based, m3ter simplifies billing for pricing of any complexity. You can organize and combine different products, locations, segments and more, removing the hassle of too many product codes.

Make pricing decisions with the confidence that tracking and billing won’t be a problem. This unblocks product development, enables Sales with flexible pricing, and allows you to quickly iterate without Engineering.

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We have multiple products, complex bundling, and a lot of custom contracts. No matter how complex our pricing, m3ter was able to handle it all.

Gordon Laing
Gordon Laing
Senior Company Operations Manager, Onfido

Generate automated and error-free bills

Preview, generate, and run bills on demand or on intervals, in any currency, and in advance or arrears, to understand your customer’s billing status and breakdown of usage.

Be creative with how you charge, incentivize, or credit back your customers with advanced billing hierarchies.

A bill statement in m3ter

Send bills and spend data to downstream systems

Once approved, bill line items are sent to systems like Netsuite and Chargebee. With m3ter you’ll get billing right, every single time.

Distribute real time data about customer usage and spend throughout your company.

Send to Sales and Customer Success in your CRM, CS platform, or through notifications so they can have data-driven conversations.

Your Product teams can embed billing dashboards powered by m3ter data into the product.

m3ter data going to your billing system, product, sales and customer success systems

Leverage accurate & insightful reports

Run reports to understand your revenue positions at any point in the billing period. Investigate anomalies and track customer commitments to ensure they align with expected consumption agreements.

Properly recognizing revenue for usage-based pricing can be difficult. m3ter provides accurate bookings and revenue events to make it easier.

Detailed and aggregated usage, bill, and prepayment status data enable you to easily reconcile and troubleshoot customer bills.

Reports in m3ter

What results should you expect?

Reduced stress around and time spent billing.

Sift reduced time to bill by 2 days

Eliminate billing errors that cause revenue leakage and erode customer trust.

Onfido reclaimed up to 1% in total revenue

Improve pricing agility that unblocks new product development and wins key accounts.

ClickHouse launched their new product 3x faster

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