What software companies achieve with m3ter

  1. Ingest, enrich, and store usage, pricing, and account data automatically
  2. Apply pricing and billing logic of any complexity
  3. Send detailed bills to your Finance system for invoicing and payment collection, creating automation and control across workflows
  4. Share near real-time usage and spend data with customers and Sales teams
  5. Quickly launch new products and add-ons, and easily test and deploy pricing and packaging changes

By automating pricing and billing with m3ter, you can free up valuable internal resources, consistently generate accurate bills, eliminate revenue leakage, and support happier customers.

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"m3ter" your usage, pricing, and account data

Flexibly define usage tracking specific to your business, capture multiple attributes per measurement, and apply powerful data transformation logic.

Don’t worry about aggregating data or adding pricing and billing logic ahead of ingest - save your engineers valuable time and apply that flexibly in m3ter later.

Plus, formatting errors, duplications, and omissions are automatically flagged for remediation, allowing you to store enriched data at scale.

Ingest from any source

Bring your data into m3ter with our easy to use ingest API, designed to handle high volumes of data in a flexible format.

Designed for scalability and reliability

Built on a robust architecture and designed for reliability and scalability, m3ter can process hundreds of millions of measurements per month. Plus, you can flexibly export data to any destination.

Data integrity you can trust

m3ter’s ingest ensures data integrity and accurate customer bills by making the sending of a measurement an idempotent operation, making it easy for your engineers to deduplicate measurements and resend usage data if its status is unknown.


Every variation of usage-based pricing

m3ter handles hybrid pricing, pure usage-based, and everything in between. From standing charges to credits, bundling, minimums, commitments, and more, there isn't any pricing vector that m3ter can't support.

Pricing is easy when you can maintain all your pricing in one platform (in the m3ter Console or your CPQ system) and ensure all your enriched data automatically flows throughout your systems.

Flexible pre-processing

Automatically translate events ingested into m3ter to billable events by applying custom logic to any measurement. You can price events, bundle them, and generate a cost - enabling custom pricing for any customer while avoiding SKU proliferation.

Near real-time bill calculation

Calculate invoice line items automatically on a schedule, or on-demand for ad-hoc requests. Provide running totals to customers or Sales mid-billing cycle for informed discussion.

Support custom sales deals

Support Sales teams negotiating with custom pricing to win deals - custom pricing on a per customer level that can sync from and to any sales channel.

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Automated and error-free billing

m3ter automatically calculates bills to any schedule, including customer-specific billing dates.

Billing Operations teams can quickly review bills with a sophisticated and streamlined workflow configuration that integrates into your invoicing and bookings process.

Once approved, bill line items are sent to downstream systems like Netsuite and Chargebee. With m3ter you'll get billing right, every single time.

Full control over billing

Preview, generate, and run bills on demand or on intervals, in any currency, and in advance or arrears, to understand your customer's billing status and breakdown of usage.

Set service period start and end dates for each line item, and recalculate bills at any time, instantly.

Flexibility with billing hierarchies

Be creative with how you charge, incentivize, or credit back your customers with advanced billing hierarchies.

Configure and bill complex account relationships in any way, whether based on how usage is calculated, how the bill is itemized, or who pays for the bill, saving you time and guaranteeing billing accuracy every time.

Reduce time to close

With automated billing it will take you hours, not weeks, to close out the books. Quickly and easily search for bills, export them into spreadsheets, or click into your AR system directly from within m3ter. Plus, view month on month reports to quickly spot trends.

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Data and Reporting

Unlock your data's potential

You have total control over your data - query data in m3ter, send raw or aggregated data across your systems, and flexibly export to any destination.

Use our API and integrations to deliver this data throughout your stack. Typical use cases including building a billing dashboard for customers, powering your BI stack, or displaying key data in your CRM.

Accurate revenue recognition

Close the books faster with accurate and near real-time capture and reporting of revenue. This allows you to eliminate revenue leakage and billing mistakes, and meet compliance standards with a clear audit trail.

Customer Insights

Configurable alerts allow notifications to be sent anywhere in your technology stack, so your Sales and Customer Success teams can proactively engage customers when spend fluxes.

Provide your customers with visibility into their usage and spend by building a billing dashboard within your product.

Further advanced analytics

We're building data science driven analytics including a cost allocation tool, pricing experimenter, robust forecasting, month over month reporting, and much more.

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Plugs into your existing systems

m3ter connects seamlessly into your existing Finance, CRM, and other systems to support usage-based pricing of any complexity, without replacing anything.

Our bi-directional integrations with common quote-to-cash tooling enable automated data flows and synchronization of data objects, or you can build custom integrations with our open API.

Native integrations

We build and maintain out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools including NetSuite, Salesforce, Stripe, Paddle, Chargebee, and QuickBooks, with Xero in beta.

Integration management

Our native integrations also include a UI for non-technical users to manage data object mappings, configuration, and review sync processes.

Custom integrations

For systems not provided for by our native integrations, we have an iPaaS partnership that enables point solutions to be delivered quickly, or you can build your own with our openAPI.


Set yourself up in days in 4 easy steps

  1. Configure meters

    Define your measurements and their attributes, and any custom logic to be applied on the fly. Then choose how you want to ingest data (API, file, streaming, or from Segment).

  2. Configure pricing

    Define pricing and its supporting aggregations at product catalog and customer level, using our configuration tools.

  3. Integrate systems

    Use our native integrations to link m3ter to upstream and downstream systems and map accounts and data fields.

  4. Define permissions

    Set up role types and permissions using our security and access management tools.

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