Pricing Pioneers

Read about the remarkable individuals driving pricing transformations at their companies.

Gordon Laing, Onside

Gordon Laing

Senior Company Operations Manager at Onfido

Gordon is at the forefront of shaping an effective pricing and billing strategy for Onfido as the company continues to experience remarkable growth.

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Tanya Bragin | Clickhouse

Tanya Bragin

VP Product at ClickHouse

Tanya Bragin has spent her career building innovative products across a number of successful startups. She recently led the build and launch of a new cloud and spearheaded the pricing and packaging.

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Shelly Glassic, Senior Manager of Revenue Accounting Operations, Sift

Michelle Glassic

Principal Revenue Accountant at Sift

Michelle, Principal Revenue Accountant at Sift, embarked on her journey with the unicorn startup in January 2021. Since then, she has been steering its revenue operations, revolutionizing its billing process, and implementing cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving demands.

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