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Automate complex usage-based billing

Streamline your billing process with m3ter. Eliminate errors, automate routine billing tasks, and uncover real-time revenue insights.

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Before, we would get spend data from engineering at the end of the month. And now, with the input reporting that’s going into m3ter every three days, we’re able to extract it and get a head start on things that are unusual.

Nicole Agriesti
Nicole Agriesti
Senior Revenue Accountant, Sift

Run fast and error-free billing cycles

Your current billing processes are inefficient or broken, exhausting your team and creating billing errors, delays in revenue recognition, and revenue leakage.

With m3ter, you can fully automate your billing operations. Connect all your existing systems – your product, quoting and pricing management, CRM, ERP, and invoicing tools – with easy integrations, and automatically generate accurate bills from your pricing and usage data.

Focus on auditability and transparency

Gain confidence in how your customer bills are calculated.

With m3ter, you can dive into every bill, line item, and transaction to understand where it came from and correct any issues. Remove any audit risks while saving your team hours of prep time.

Be transparent with your customers and embed a usage dashboard directly into your product so they always know how much they’ve spent.

A customer bill linked to usage data and insights

The goal has always been to put out high-quality invoices and I feel so much more confident with m3ter that this is exactly what we're doing. We now have a solution that does everything for us - there isn't a use case that m3ter has not solved.

Shelly Glassic
Shelly Glassic
Principal Revenue Accountant, Sift

Automate any complex pricing from Sales

m3ter is your flexible billing engine: Easily handle any custom pricing or unique billing terms designed by your Sales team, without complicating the billing process.

When changes to pricing or contract terms inevitably arise, easily update and manage these in m3ter with just a few clicks.

Custom pricing drafted, approved, won and implemented in m3ter

Leverage accurate & insightful reports

Run reports to understand your revenue positions at any point in the billing period. Investigate anomalies and track customer commitments to ensure they align with expected consumption agreements.

Properly recognizing revenue for usage-based pricing can be difficult. m3ter provides accurate bookings and revenue events to make it easier.

Detailed and aggregated usage, bill, and prepayment status data enable you to easily reconcile and troubleshoot customer bills.

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The accuracy of the information in m3ter has helped Onfido see the scale of its revenue leakage, which was up to 1% of total revenue.

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Total and account-level revenue report in m3ter

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