m3ter for Product

Automate billing processes to unblock product innovation

Free your engineers from the complexities of building a billing system, while seamlessly launching new features, products, or packaging.

Bill calculation coming out of a laptop screen

One of the best decisions we ever made. m3ter allowed us to focus on our customers and strategy, not implementation. They are a partner through which we could easily deploy, configure, experiment, and do analytics around metering, pricing, and billing.

Tanya Bragin
Tanya Bragin
VP Product, ClickHouse

Focus on building great products, not billing

With m3ter, implementation can be done in just hours for simple configurations. It’s easy to connect to your quote-to-cash systems, automate, and adapt m3ter to the unique complexities of your business as they evolve.

This enables all teams that touch the product to focus on their most important work.

Free your engineers from building and maintaining a billing system or from repetitive tasks to support manual billing.

Enable Product to focus on building great products without distraction.

Once live, you’ll even equip Finance to manage billing and pricing directly in the product.

Design data-driven pricing and packaging

Implement or sync your existing pricing today in m3ter, knowing you can easily make changes as it evolves in the future.

Use m3ter to A/B test pricing with real usage data, and quickly iterate pricing strategies without engineering overhead.

Design the right pricing and packaging for your product and customers - without the blocker of deciding how to bill for it.

New pricing applied, resulting in +22% revenue

With m3ter, it was almost instant. We were able to make quick decisions and execute on that without worrying about the Engineering overhead of implementing that change. It was really impactful for the business. That's powerful.

Krithika Balagurunathan
Krithika Balagurunathan
Senior Director of Product Management, ClickHouse

Embed billing into your CX

Surface near real-time usage statements and balance estimates in a billing dashboard directly in your product. This empowers customers to monitor their usage, understand corresponding costs, and proactively manage spending throughout the month right within your product.

A usage dashboard in m3ter showing billed usage and breakdown

Go to market across channels

m3ter enables both Product-Led and Sales-Led growth, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different sales strategies.

Equip your Sales and Customer Success teams with customer usage data, empowering them to drive growth and deliver a great customer experience.

Extend your product reach and grow revenue by optimizing key channels – from marketplaces like AWS – to partners, resellers and more.

Customer Success, Partners, Sales, Product-led Growth, Resellers

Built to equip every team around pricing and billing

Finance & Billing Operations

Automate complex usage-based billing

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Free up Engineering from billing overhead

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Sales & Customer Success

From sale to renewal, deliver the best customer experiences

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