m3ter for Sales and Customer Success

From sale to renewal, deliver the best customer experiences

Gain visibility into customer usage data, remove Billing Operations as an obstacle to custom pricing, and retain customers for the long term by building a trusted relationship through data-driven conversations.

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Overall, we now have a much clearer idea of where the business is. We can see if customers are nearing their spending limit or are in credit. This helps our renewal rates and lets us know where we need to double down.

CEO and co-founder, Modern telecommunications company

Engage customers at the right time

Monitor your customers’ usage inside your CRM and proactively reach out to prevent churn, expand the account, or handle renewals efficiently.

Set up granular alerts – such as when your customers have less than 10% of their prepayment left – to ensure interactions are timely and data-driven.

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Sift is now using a clear, real-time view of client usage data as a strategic asset within the Sales and Customer Care teams, allowing them to engage customers when usage fluctuates.

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Prepayment consumption chart in m3ter, with email alert at 80% consumption

Win more deals with custom pricing

Tailor pricing for key accounts with ease, adapting commitment terms to match usage trends—without being blocked by inflexible billing systems.

Proactively renew and renegotiate contracts based on real usage, giving customers visibility and confidence into what they are paying for. This accelerates your quota achievement while boosting customer satisfaction.

Custom pricing drafted, approved, won and implemented in m3ter

Improve customer retention

Ensure error-free billing every cycle, reducing customer frustrations and the need for finance to make adjustments. This allows teams to focus on building positive customer relationships.

At the same time, easily provide the billing flexibility and transparency your customers want. Share real-time usage statements and balance estimates within your product, so they never have to click away.

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We kept hearing about billing challenges from our Sales team, which put a ton of work back on our Finance team as soon as invoices went out. Sift is all about creating trust on the internet, and we needed to make sure we had billing software we, and our customers, could trust.

Shelly Glassic
Shelly Glassic
Principal Revenue Accountant, Sift

Built to equip every team around pricing and billing

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Automate complex usage-based billing

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Free up Engineering from billing overhead

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