SalesJul 09, 2024

Announcing the m3ter Connector for Salesforce 

We are pleased to announce the m3ter Connector for Salesforce! This tool automates syncing customer agreements from Salesforce to m3ter, reducing errors and manual work while speeding up order provisioning. Drive growth effortlessly with our seamless integration, now on Salesforce AppExchange.

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Automate the sync from your sales process flows into m3ter, out of the box

At m3ter, our mission is to automate complex bill calculation for B2B software companies, so you can unlock pricing as a growth driver. We do this by providing infrastructure that plugs into both your quote to cash systems and your source of truth for product usage data, automatically calculates bills, and delivers those bills continuously to wherever they’re needed around the organization.

However, there's a common problem for our customers: a gap between your sales and billing processes. Sellers enter customer agreements into Salesforce, but a further process is required to extract it and feed it into the bill calculation system (i.e., m3ter). Customers solve for this by either building custom automated solutions (challenging and expensive!) or relying on manual processes (hard work and error-prone!).  

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new m3ter Connector for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange. This powerful managed package automates the connection between customer agreements in Salesforce and bill calculation in m3ter, increasing speed of provisioning of new Orders, eliminating errors, and reducing effort. 

The solution: The m3ter Connector for Salesforce 

The m3ter Connector for Salesforce allows you to map and synchronize data in your Salesforce systems with the m3ter platform. You can quickly set up a connective framework between Salesforce CRM or CPQ and your m3ter infrastructure with a seamless integration.

Easy setup

  • The setup process is straightforward and handled by your Salesforce admins with no involvement from engineering.  Just install the Connector from the AppExchange.  
  • We save you effort with predefined custom metadata mappings on Opportunity and Opportunity Product Objects. Or you can create your own custom metadata mappings in a familiar Salesforce UI using related Salesforce objects, for example, Contracts and Subscriptions/Assets objects if using CPQ or RLM.

Seamless operations 

  • The m3ter Connector works in the background behind your Salesforce org. There is no need for upgrades or other extensions to your current systems.
  • The Connector is built to be used with any sales process flow, and your Salesforce users can continue to operate in their familiar Salesforce environment - there is no need for them to toggle to your billing system to manage Order or pricing information.

Easy diagnostics

  • We provide tools for admins to quickly diagnose and resolve integration issues, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

The m3ter impact

Our customers love the m3ter platform because it automates complex bill calculations, and links seamlessly with their Salesforce, their finance stack, and their SaaS Platform. It’s a game-changer:

  • Eliminate effort and risks in billing: close the books faster, reduce errors, and minimize revenue leakage. 
  • Improve customer experiences: build loyalty and trust by equipping your Sales and Customer Success teams with customers’ latest usage and billing information.
  • Get to market faster with new pricing: because pricing changes are much easier to deploy, Sales can deliver the right pricing to win and retain accounts, and Product can easily launch new features and packaging.  
  • Optimize pricing design: experiment by applying different pricing to actual usage, and identify sweet spots for pricing designs and pricing levels.

Our new m3ter Connector for Salesforce makes set-up and maintenance of integrations with Salesforce much easier. Our customers no longer have to worry about how they automatically transfer customer agreements into m3ter - we’ve done it for you!    

Visit our AppExchange listing or request a conversation with m3ter to see how we can help you achieve billing excellence and drive your business forward

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