Announcing the m3ter Connector for Salesforce 

We are pleased to announce the m3ter Connector for Salesforce! This tool automates syncing customer agreements from Salesforce to m3ter, reducing errors and manual work while speeding up order provisioning. Drive growth effortlessly with our seamless integration, now on Salesforce AppExchange.

m3ter named an IDC Innovator in Price Optimization for Usage and Recurring Revenue Models, 2024

Discover m3ter's transformative approach to usage-based pricing and billing, recently named as an IDC Innovator, and learn how our solutions can elevate your SaaS business.

What’s New in m3ter: Winter 2024 ❄️

Kelly Singsank, Director of Product Marketing
Kelly SingsankDirector of Product Marketing, m3ter

As we transition from winter to spring, let's explore the latest updates in m3ter. We've introduced new features for Billing Operations, Finance, and Technical teams to streamline your work. Grab a coffee and discover how these enhancements can benefit your team.

How m3ter Supports Your Business Throughout the Entire Pricing Journey

Griffin Parry, Founder m3ter
Griffin ParryCEO and Co-Founder, m3ter

In our last blog, written by Griffin Parry, co-founder of m3ter, we discussed alignment during pricing transformation. Here, Griffin explains how m3ter facilitates this process with common data, shared tools, and support throughout the process.

m3ter for the PLG flywheel

Kristina Frost
Kristina FrostStrategy & Technology Leader and Advisor

In her final blog post of the series, "Usage-based Pricing Doesn't Have to Be That Scary," Kristina highlights the benefits of integrating m3ter data into CRM for sales and marketing teams. It unlocks the PLG flywheel, driving growth through actionable insights and data-driven decision-making.

Trust, but Verify: How m3ter turns pricing hypotheticals into pricing practicals

Kristina Frost
Kristina FrostStrategy & Technology Leader and Advisor

In this blog post, Kristina Frost explains how m3ter can help organisations introduce pricing changes scalably and flexibly while being able to experiment with new pricing strategies safely and efficiently.

From Product to Cash in Just Six Weeks

Kristina Frost
Kristina FrostStrategy & Technology Leader and Advisor

Looking to quickly automate your usage-based billing product or bring new products to market? This blog by, Kristina Frost, provides a lean solution that can be implemented in just six weeks.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This!

Kristina Frost
Kristina FrostStrategy & Technology Leader and Advisor

If you're a software leader facing the dilemma of whether to build your own metering solution or use a platform like m3ter for your pricing, metering, and billing needs, Kristina Frost's new blog is a must-read. This is the second blog in her series "Usage-Based Pricing Doesn’t Have to be Scary".

Why Do We Hear So Much About Usage-Based Pricing, Anyway?

Kristina Frost
Kristina FrostStrategy & Technology Leader and Advisor

Welcome to the "Usage-Based Pricing Doesn’t Have to be Scary" series! Written by Kristina Frost, this series is about the move to usage-based billing and why, if you’re worried that it’ll be a nightmare, that it can be better than you dared to dream.

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