Griffin Parry

CEO and Co-Founder, m3ter

Griffin Parry is the CEO and co-founder of m3ter. This is his second startup having previously co-founded and led GameSparks, a cloud services company acquired by Amazon in 2017, after which he spent 3 years working in senior product and field roles at AWS. He started his career in the media sector (Sky, News International) focused on digital strategy and digital product development, including launching and leading Sky’s online TV portfolio.

Griffin Parry

Oct 04, 2023

How m3ter Supports Your Business Throughout the Entire Pricing Journey

In our last blog, written by Griffin Parry, co-founder of m3ter, we discussed alignment during pricing transformation. Here, Griffin explains how m3ter facilitates this process with common data, shared tools, and support throughout the process.

Pricing Transformation

May 30, 2023

How to Align Your Teams for Pricing and Packaging Success?

This guide walks through the five core teams in a pricing and packaging transformation – Product, Engineering, Sales, Finance, and Customer Success – and lays out each function’s top priorities, enabling every stakeholder to better align with what their colleagues care about.

Pricing Operations

Apr 27, 2023

We’re Proud to Announce Our $14 Million Series A Funding

Today, m3ter is excited to announce a $14 million Series A funding round to further our mission to help software companies successfully operationalize modern usage-based pricing strategies.


Jan 22, 2023

The Usage-Based Pricing Reading List

Our carefully curated reading list covers everything you need to know about the what, why, how, and when of usage-based pricing. Discover best practices, real-world examples, and expert insights from top industry leaders. This an essential read for any SaaS business owner or pricing professional.

Pricing Strategy

Jan 19, 2023

3 Ways to Maximize Customer Retention With Your SaaS Pricing Strategy

Want to boost customer retention for your SaaS business? Check out our article that provides an overview of 3 pricing approaches. While not exhaustive, it is a great starting point to unleash your creative pricing potential and keep your business flourishing.

Pricing Strategy

May 20, 2022

5 Usage-Based Pricing Examples to Improve Your Pricing Strategy

As the shift toward usage-based pricing (UBP) continues – both in SaaS and other industries as well – companies are unlocking new opportunities to drive revenue.

Pricing Strategy

Feb 08, 2022

m3ter Launches From Stealth With $17.5M in Funding

Today, m3ter launches from stealth with $17.5 million in funding. With support from Kindred Capital, Union Square Ventures, Insight Partners and all our other investors, we look forward to making usage-based pricing easy for every SaaS business.

Product Updates

Feb 07, 2022

Usage-Based Pricing in Software - A Primer

Usage-based pricing is being increasingly used within the SaaS space. This short guide explains what it is, highlights the trends that are driving its adoption, explores its advantages, and reviews common deployment challenges.

Pricing Strategy

Jan 24, 2022

The m3ter Origin Story: Why We’re Simplifying UBP

m3ter's CEO discusses the problems the company was founded to address, and his direct experience of them.


Jan 10, 2022

m3ter’s Distinctive Approach to Usage-Based Pricing

We have first hand experience of the challenges of deploying and managing usage-based pricing. This has influenced our perspectives on what is most important when offering a metering and pricing service like ours.


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