Part 2 - UBP 101: Navigating Compliance, Audit, and Planning Challenges in UBP

Jul 18, 2024, 3:15 PM UTC

B2B software companies are embracing usage-based pricing, adding pressure on Accounting/FP&A teams with new tasks and risks. Join UBP 101 for insights on compliance, audits, and planning, featuring Roxi Wen from Insight Partners.

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Roxi WenGrowth, Finance, & Innovation Executive
Griffin Parry, Founder m3ter
Griffin ParryCEO and Co-Founder, m3ter

B2B software companies are incorporating usage-based pricing elements into their pricing, this places stress on Accounting and FP&A teams, introducing new jobs-to-be-done, new risks, and increased levels of difficulty for previously straightforward billing and invoicing tasks. Join us for part two of our UBP 101 series: 'Navigating Compliance, Audit, and Planning Risks inherent to UBP Strategies'. 

This is for Accounting and FP&A teams, plus the roles who need to understand their needs, including Engineering and Product.  Featuring expert insights from Roxi Wen, who leads the CFO Centre-of-Excellence at Insight Partners, this engaging session will explore how to create a solid control environment that ensures accounting compliance, painless audits, risk mitigations, and effective planning, reporting and forecasting.

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