m3ter is an API-first, managed service that enables developers to build quickly and with confidence.

Developers use m3ter to create usage data infrastructure and bill calculation systems and integrate these with other systems in the stack. APIs, scripting, and ‘pricing as code’ enable high levels of automation.

m3ter’s UX experiences for non-technical users abstract complexity and relieve developers of ongoing support effort.

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Finance use m3ter to automate billing operations. They can flexibly control pricing configuration without dependencies on engineering, and eliminate manual workflows when calculating bills.

m3ter also helps Finance manage the business with metrics optimized for usage-based pricing, and tools that help identify pricing improvements.

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Sales & Success

Sales & Success use m3ter to increase their productivity.

In a usage-based world, you need to respond fast to usage signals, and be well informed to win customer attention and trust. m3ter provides a real time window on the usage of every customer, with configurable alerts.

m3ter also delivers greater pricing flexibility, liberating Sales to design and implement the custom pricing deals that win and expand accounts.

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