Marek Rubasinski

VP, Business Development & Partnerships, m3ter

Marek Rubasinski is an experienced commercial, innovation and business development leader in corporates and startups, with a strong understanding of new digital products and disruptive technologies. He previously ran Sky Ventures, a CVC that made investments in and developed commercial partnerships with startups. At m3ter, Marek leads business development, partnerships and strategy work.

Marek Rubasinski

Jul 29, 2022

Product-Led Growth with Usage-Based Pricing Drives Complexity Part 2

In part 2 we discuss what happens when you add a Sales-led motion into the mix, and look beyond just your billing ops pain.


Jul 27, 2022

Product-Led Growth with Usage-Based Pricing Drives Complexity

In this 2-part blog we discuss how Product-Led Growth and Usage-Based Pricing can lead to growth but the importance of understanding your data and the cost this has on your business.


Mar 02, 2022

Your tech stack for usage-based pricing

Good news: your existing systems don’t need to change, they just need better access to data

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