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How to Craft the Ideal Software Usage-Based Billing Workflow

Curious about the ideal Usage-Based Billing workflow? This article highlights four crucial steps: sourcing and preparing data, loading and calculating data, delivering calculations to billing systems, and establishing continuous billing.

How to Align Your Teams for Pricing and Packaging Success?

John Griffin, co-founder m3ter
John GriffinCRO and Co-Founder, m3ter
Griffin Parry, Founder m3ter
Griffin ParryCEO and Co-Founder, m3ter

This guide walks through the five core teams in a pricing and packaging transformation – Product, Engineering, Sales, Finance, and Customer Success – and lays out each function’s top priorities, enabling every stakeholder to better align with what their colleagues care about.

5 Tips to Evaluate Usage-Based Pricing Vendors for Integrations

Jack Hewitt, m3ter
Jack HewittFront-End Engineer, m3ter

Get insights into selecting the right UBP solution for your business, including critical factors to consider when evaluating UBP solutions and their integration offerings. Our blog will help you make an informed decision.

How m3ter Deals With Billing Complexities for Customers

Renaldo Galipo, m3ter
Renaldo GalipoDirector of Product, m3ter

Our first two articles in this series walked you through the effects of UBP on billing operations and what your financial teams need to know about implementing a UBP strategy. Now that we’ve gone in-depth on this topic, we’ll run you through how m3ter deals with these complexities in billing. 

Your tech stack for usage-based pricing

Marek Rubasinski, m3ter
Marek RubasinskiVP, Business Development & Partnerships, m3ter

Good news: your existing systems don’t need to change, they just need better access to data

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